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Time to break the math phobia. Unlimited questions to help kids perfect their Math skills and discover gaps that need extra assistance to fill.

Aligned to your state's curriculum.

How it works

Students can start practising Math, all by themselves without teachers' help.


Start by solving the initial benchmark questions to help us understand your Math Skills better. Get practice questions based on your performance in pre-tests.


Practice questions from any grade, anytime, anywhere. Feel stuck with a question? No worries, get hints to solve questions. Practising Math is that easy with PracTutor.


Suggested skill gaps tell you where improvements are required. Based on this take sessions with your teachers accordingly and start improving math scroes.

Easily monitor your students' math performance

Teachers have a complete picture of every students' math skill level



Get access to individual and class performance reports. See who answered questions with or without hints. Also, know the performance improvement areas.



Appreciate students who perform well in practice. Encourage those who need improvement. Give custom feedback based on skill level and test performances.



View system recommended skill-gaps for individual students. Add a skill gap you are aware of. Set up an action plan accordingly to improve math scores.

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