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What is PracTutor?

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  • PracTutor is a comprehensive online Math and Language Arts program for homeschooling students in Grades 1 to 8 (ages 4-14).
  • PracTutor customizes learning for each student based on individual skills and empowers them to master every concept.
  • All kids - whether they need detailed curriculum, remediation, accelerated learning, test preparation or career and college readiness - can achieve their goals with PracTutor.

How it works?

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  • Add your students.
  • PracTutor takes a diagnostic test to individualize learning path for each student.
  • Students start learning through videos, take step-by step guided practice and quizzes to master the topic.

Involving Parents

  • Parents and students get access to all grades for Math and Language Arts.
  • Parents can track each child's progress and know exactly the concepts the child is mastering and the concepts where he/she needs help.
  • Parents can check detailed analysis for each practice test taken and each question answered and get weekly emails summarizing each child's performance.
  • If the child needs help at any point, the parents get an alert and they can work with them using PracTutor's videos.
  • Each video is carefully chosen and is of a different pedagogy to suit the unique learning needs of your child.
  • PracTutor takes a thorough approach in helping your child master Math and Language Arts. They start with Basic test and move to Word and Application tests to ensure that they master the fundamentals and are prepared for the advanced tests.
  • Parents can also take a print of the practice tests for offline practice.

Engaging Students

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  • Since PracTutor customizes content for each student based on individual skills, students are always learning at their own pace.
  • It allows the students to work independently towards mastery of concepts in Math and Language Arts.
  • Motivates students to learn by using rewards/PracCash each time the students complete any activity.
  • Students get engaged by building their own virtual city from the PracCash.
  • They are continuously challenged by teaching them in the zone of proximal development.

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