About PracTutor

The #1 supplementary Math program built to make sure that all students of all grades, make consistent progress according to Common Core State Standards. Its innovative Learn Anywhere design based on the principles of personalized learning, guarantees uniform growth of students of all ages.

PracTutor supplements teacher’s efforts 1400+ questions for each grade and numerous unique self-developed functions, such as, Practice, Homework, Assessment, Growth Tracker, Remediation, and the Power of 4.

  • Well researched math program that aligns with Common Core State Standards.
  • Rigorous practice that develops automatic recall of mathematical concepts.
  • Well-balanced engaging curriculum essential for lifelong learning.

“Success with Math is like climbing stairs - one cannot reach the top by skipping steps.”

The PracTutor Secret

“Ensure that your kids Never Give Up”.

Students can

  • From chromebooks to iPhones, learn math anytime, anywhere.
  • Master concepts above and below the grade.
  • Focus on their strengths and zero in on skills they lack.
  • Develop strong conceptual understanding.
  • Reflect and learn from their mistakes

“Math drills and reports that keep teachers aware of student needs”.

Teachers can

  • Zero in on the weakest areas of concern of the students.
  • Assign students with Work directed at meeting their Math needs.
  • Provide math coaches with precise skill gap data.
  • Collect information that helps drive classroom instruction.
  • Assess students and focus efforts towards areas that need further instruction.

“PracTutor is the right tool to set the stage for learning of new math concepts, and help kids develop problem-solving skills.”.

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