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The Curriculum

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  • The curriculum of PracTutor is in sync with the Common Core Standards which are adopted by 45 out of 50 states in the United States. Visit for more details.
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  • The assessments are aligned with PARCC Assessment, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium tests and most assessments of each state. Visit this article to know more.
  • We have put in meticulous efforts in crafting every detail of the Curriculum. The structure, language, standards and questions are all as per the specifications. Each question is drafted by the teachers who have years of experience in teaching in the United States. We have teachers from private and public schools from various states.

    We partnered with IIT Bombay - Mathematics Department to make the content global.

If you happen to find that we have missed out anything, feel free to contact us.


  • Each student is unique. PracTutor identifies strengths and weaknesses of each Math and Language Arts concept for each student and actively work towards transforming weaknesses to strengths.

  • It starts with a diagnostic test
    PracTutor customizes the content for each student based on the student's skills on each Math concept by taking a diagnostic (pre-test) test. A personalized learning path is created based on the student's pre-test result.
  • Empower the teachers and parents. The personalized learning path helps teachers and parents identify student's strong and weak areas and focus on those to help the students reach their full potential. Teachers and parents receive email alerts and can intervene if the student is struggling or needs help on any topic. The gifted students are challenged with advanced topics.


Learning and Practice should be fun.

  • PracTutor engages and involves students in an exciting and rewarding environment.
  • The personalized curriculum to suit the skillset of each student ensures that they are not bored but challenged to achieve more. Presenting the student with a different question for each practice ensures engagement. They just need to practice 20 minutes a day to achieve mastery.
Gamification and PracCash Reward Points.
  • Students can choose and play from multiple games PracTutor offers.
  • They can play games by redeeming PracCash earned by learning and practicing.
  • They can build their own city by adding various elements to it.
  • Students earn certificates for successfully completing any skill which can be printed as well.


  • Tracking every detail PracTutor tracks every detail for each test and each question answered to provide insightful information about a student's performance. Teachers and Parents can easily monitor what students are working on, how are they performing, where do they need help and also get guidance on how to help them.

  • Alerts and Notifications Teachers and Parents receive weekly emails summarizing the student's performance. They also get instant alert if the student is struggling with any topic and needs intervention. PracTutor provides all the tools to support teachers and parents for intervention.
  • Easy to use reports - Parents can generate reports for each student to know their progress and have a detailed analysis for each test, each question.

    Teachers can generate reports to summarize the class performance or check the class' progress on each common core standard.


  • PracTutor provides a single platform which connects students, teachers, parents and administrators.

  • These connections help in keeping everyone on the same page. Teachers and Parents are always up to date with student's performance and can communicate with each other using PracTutor's messaging tool.

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