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Teachers Experience

  • Teachers are at the center of a powerful PracTutor network that connects them to students, administrators and parents.
  • PracTutor customizes content for each student based on the student's skills on each Math concept by taking a diagnostic (pre-test) test.
  • This helps the teacher identify at-risk students and bring them to speed by assigning a unique practice test based on the individual student's weakness.
  • It also helps the teacher identify gifted students and challenge them with advanced topics.

By the teachers, for the teachers

  • PracTutor is developed by teachers from private and public schools trained in the common core state standards.
  • Teachers can add/upload the entire class in seconds, group them and can customize learning path for each student.
  • Teachers can view a class summary to get an overview or know exactly the progress of each student for each test and each question with a detailed analysis.
  • PracTutor alerts the teacher if any student needs help thereby increasing efficiency and helping them focus on key areas.


Games, Virtual City, Certificates and Reward Points

  • PracTutor was developed to ensure the student enjoys learning in an exciting and rewarding game based environment.
  • Students can choose and play from multiple games PracTutor offers.
  • They can play games by redeeming PracCash earned by learning and practicing.
  • They can build their own city by adding various elements to it.
  • Students earn certificates for successfully completing any skill which can be printed as well

Learn, Practice, Master

  • Students learn through multiple Video Lessons available for each skill. Each video is carefully chosen and is of a different pedagogy to suit the unique learning needs of each student.
  • PracTutor takes a thorough approach in helping students progress.
  • Students progress from practice with various support tools to assessments to prepare them for state tests.
  • The practice and assessments are aligned with each standard of the Common Core. Each practice session and assessment is unique based on the individual student's skills.
  • Questions are based on
    • Multiple choice and enter answers
    • Kinesthetic-tactile learning (aligned to PARCC and SBAC)
    • Multiple inputs to test lateral thinking skills


A school district's delight

  • PracTutor securely connects all students, teachers and parents to same platform.
  • PracTutor helps the schools and school district review the performance of the individual classroom or the entire school by detailed reporting.
  • PracTutor is designed to meet unique needs of each school and district. We work with you to customize PracTutor so that it seamlessly matches and integrates with your current guidelines and process flow.

PracTutor is your partner

  • Schools and districts start with a trial period at ZERO cost.
  • PracTutor works with schools and districts to help them meet federal 'Title I' grant goals and goals on many other federal sources.
  • We work with non-profit organizations to provide FREE education to the students in need.
  • PracTutor is cloud-based so no software installation needed. It works on Mac, Windows, Chromebooks, iPAD - any system, any browser, any device. Teachers and Students can print the practice worksheets for offline use as well.


Get involved

  • Parents form an integral part of the PracTutor network.
  • They can track each child's progress and know exactly the skills the child is mastering and the skills where he/she needs help.
  • Parents can check detailed analysis for each practice test taken and each question answered along with the time spent in home or at school.

Stay connected

  • Parents can directly communicate with the teachers using PracTutor's messaging system.
  • Parents get weekly emails summarizing the child's performance.
  • If the child needs help at any point, the parents get an alert and they can work with them using PracTutor's video lessons.

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