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What is PracTutor

A quick overview of PracTutor
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Introduction to PracTutor
Learn what is PracTutor in this 3-minute introduction video

Detailed Demos and Webinars

These videos take a deep dive and explain PracTutor in full detail
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How PracTutor Works
This video will explain in detail how PracTutor works for all users.
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36 min.
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See how PracTutor can help teachers save time and drive student success.
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23 min.
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See how PracTutor can motivate students to learn and work more independently.
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11 min.
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See how PracTutor involves parents so they can be a part of their child's growth and success.
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6 min.
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School and District Administrators
See how PracTutor can provide the administrators with meaningful data to take actions towards student's growth.
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Showing off PracTutor is a breeze with this PDF presentation.
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Complete User Guide/Manual
Download and Print these guides to help you use PracTutor effectively
Getting started with PracTutor
A one-page getting started hand-out
A one-page guide to help you work on PracTutor with struggling students
Accelerated Learning
A one-page guide to help you work on PracTutor with gifted and talented students


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Graphic Organizer Series A
Graphic Organizer Series B


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Contact us!
Visit the PracTutor Helpdesk for amazing support
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Email us if you have more questions! We answer most queries in 24 hours

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