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Based on Common Core Standards
Differentiates Learning

Response to Intervention

  • Pre-test for each Common Core domain personalizes a learning path.
  • Students learn from videos corresponding to VARK learning style.
  • Teachers can monitor progress and provide instant remediation.

  • Easily assign core standards to select groups of students for practice
  • Real-time reporting quickly shows progress updates.
  • Engages parents, students, and teachers in online standards mastery

  • Automatically introduces missing skills for specific students
  • Guided practice teaches students concepts.
  • Step-by-step explanations and lessons ensure mastery.

Content and Curriculum

  • Curriculum built from Common Core Standards
  • Questions aligned to PARCC & Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
  • Thoroughly helps students achieve proficiency
  • Proceeds from Basic to Critical to ensure mastery

  • Multiple choice and studententered answers
  • Kinesthetic-tactile learning(aligned to PARCC & SBAC)
  • Multiple inputs test lateral thinking
  • Questions based on text evidence
  • Drag and drop, cause & effect,student-writien answers, quotes
  • Open-ended, vocabulary questions

Enrichment Solutions

  • Automatically creates unique learning paths
  • Challenging material engages students at higher levels of proficiency
  • Motivates students to learn by using rewards
  • Challenges students through critical thinking
  • Delivers challenging, concept-based material
  • Content aligned to PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessments
  • Real-time reports show progress updates
Challenges students through critical thinking
enrichment solutions
Concept-based material


  • Securely connects students, teachers, parents, and administrators on a single platform
  • View school and classroom progress based on Common Core Standards
  • Meet the needs of all learners using a single, affordable online program
  • Customized implementation plans for each school for seamless integration
Cloud-based, no software installation
Real-time reporting for each school


  • Built by teachers trained in the Common Core State Standards.
  • Easily identify struggling and proficient students via real-time reporting
  • Automatically personalize learning for each student
  • Assign Common Core Standards to students based on level of proficiency
  • Receive alerts if a student is struggling with a concept
  • Built-in remediation assists students needing additional help
Real-time reporting for each student
Automatically tracks student progress


  • PracTutor engages students in a user-friendly online format
  • Personalized learning paths ensure students are challenged
  • Virtual currency, PracCash, is earned for specific achievements
  • Students earn status badges upon reaching significant milestones
  • The badges showcase students' hard work among their peers
Built-in rewards engage students.

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