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Why have over 200 schools and school districts chosen PracTutor over a thousand other math/ELA practice and assessment platforms?

  • Simple! Because PracTutor provides detailed insight into skill gaps for individual students and offers a scope of timely interventions.
  • Its features help teachers and students pay attention to student growth more closely.
  • Unlike a lot of online math/ELA platforms that promise to generate grade-specific excellence, we propose to bring in holistic math/ELA growth across the span of a student’s education.

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  • Access unlimited, personalized questions based on performance in pretests.
  • Enjoy an adaptive and self-learning platform.
  • Easily understand concepts even at home, without teachers around.


  • Get summary and detailed views of individual students in your class.
  • See how many students have solved practice assignments.
  • Know students’ performance and understand where they are facing problems.
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  • Assign personalized worksheets.
  • Choose questions from 3 difficulty levels based on performance and learning gaps.
  • Personalize questions according to standards and students.


  • Take personalized tests assigned by your teachers.
  • Get hints for every incorrectly answered question.
  • See yourself progress and build confidence gradually.
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  • Set up simulation tests for better performance on finals.
  • Assign different questions to individual students based on caliber of knowledge.
  • Choose submission dates, difficulty levels, etc.


  • Get first-hand practice with the actual test.
  • No hints for incorrectly answered questions.
  • Determine areas of improvement based on test performance.
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Skill gaps

skill gaps


  • Get automatic recommendations for concepts that need a little work.
  • Plan self-study schedules and extra hours with teachers based on performance.


  • Get automatic notifications for learning gaps in students.
  • Manually assign skill gaps to individual student.
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From Chromebooks to iPhones, your students can learn math/ELA anytime, anywhere.

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Students and teachers
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“The ability to view students’ progress, where they are stuck, and to provide timely intervention has allowed me to improve math/ELA scores by more than 200%. I am very impressed with the features PracTutor provides to assign homework and help students anytime, anywhere. Highly recommended for all school districts and public schools.”

- Debbie Stevens,
Grade 5 Math/ELA Teacher, California School District

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