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What is PracTutor?1

Why is PracTutor needed?2

The Ecosystem3

Comparison MATRIX4

The Heart of PracTutor5

What's in it for me?6

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What is PracTutor?

PracTutor is an adaptive learning platform to help students excel in Math and English. PracTutor was established with just one focus –

How can we make any student love, learn and enjoy Math and English?

Why is PracTutor needed?

There are a gazillion companies and websites that provide Math and English training, so what is the point of one more?

Different companies provide one or more combinations of the following for Math and English

  • Structured Curriculum
  • Practice Questions
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Parent Teacher Communication

The Ecosystem

However, no other company provides a complete
ecosystem comprising all of the elements required for
the success of the student.

The Heart of PracTutor

Research shows that a student's progress accelerates when the following things happen
Students are stretched and challenged slightly beyond their capabilities
Students are constantly motivated by rewarding each achievement
Students are encouraged by positive reinforcement from parent, school teacher and a mentor – all of them
The teaching pedagogy needs is be individualized to suit each student’s preferred learning style.
There is a true partnership and open communication between the student, teacher, parent and mentor
we have -
Customized learning path for each student based on his/her current ability. This learning path is flexible allowing the student to progress at a rapid rate while maintaining a high degree of interest
A reward point system to encourage the student on each achievement
Mentors who are highly trained not only in the subject matter but also in ensuring that the student is continuously motivated
We have a system that teaches students in the pedagogy they understand best.
Seamless communication between the student, parent, teacher and mentor. Our mentors insist that the parent is involved during the mentoring sessions.

What’s in it for me?

We provide tools for parents, teachers, principals and even the School District Superintendent
For Parents: We understand what a parent needs, heck we are parents ourselves and have talked to many others.
PracTutor allows you to:
  • Know what your child is doing, where he/she is excelling and where he/she needs help.
  • Communicate with teacher and mentor to get constant feedback in order to be on top of your child’s education.
For Techers: Understand the progress of the entire class and also the individual student. Help the weaker students and challenge the fast learners. Keep parents posted on the student's progress.
For Pricipales: PracTutor provides necessary reports to check the quality and level of education in each class and progress of the each student.
School District Superintendents: PracTutor allows you to track the overall progress of all the students in your county.This helps ensure they excel in high school and college admission tests and eventually they go to a great college.
  • Provide an ecosystem for each student to succeed
  • Provide free education to the underprivileged

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