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Math and English learning for schools

PracTutor customizes learning for each student based on individual skills and empowers them to master every concept of the Common Core Standards in grades 1 through 8.

All kids - whether they need intervention, accelerated learning or career and college readiness - can achieve their goals with PracTutor.

Personalized, fun way to master
Math and English

Each student is

PracTutor is an online personalized, fun way to learn, practice and master Math and English for students in Grades 1 to 8.


connects students, teachers, parents and administrators on the same platform

helps teachers and parents identify student's weak and strong areas and focus on those to reach their full potential

Giving Back to the Community

You learn, They learn

Each child deserves basic education. We strive to reach out to the under-privileged children who do not get that and provide them basic education. By donating a part of your subscription amount to your preferred organization, you can sponsor one under-privileged child's education.